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Welcome to the Webbirulao


This word derives from Badbirulao (click on link to see its meaning), which gave this blog it’s first name.
Webbirulao is an optimization of the concept of this blog, Involving three meanings:
Web: As for the World Wide Web.
Biru: (accidentaly found) As for (Chinese: 比如; Pinyin: Bǐrú) is a township in Biru County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It lies at an altitude of 4954 metres (16,256 feet). (From Wikipedia)
Lao: As a tribute to the famous Chinese Taoist.
The three of them together mean that this blog is an independent province in The Web, with hightly philosophical and enpirical content.
Esta nueva palabra deriva de la primera que le dio su primer nombre a este blog: Badbirulao (Da clic para ver significado)
Web: De la World Wide Web (Internet)
Biru: (averiguado accidentalmente) (Chino: 比如; Pinyin: Bǐrú) Del pueblo de Biru en la Región Autónoma del Tibet en China. Está a una altitud de 4954 metros (16,256 pies). (De Wikipedia)
Lao: Como tributo al filosofo Taoista chino.
Juntas las tres le dan un significado a este blog, como una provincia independiente de la Red, con un alto contenido empírico y filosófico.